Special Episode: Avatar Debate With SciFi Surplus!

May 22nd, 2010 by Kyle


Dave and Kyle debate Vince and Casey of the SciFi Surplus podcast about whether Avatar is treasure or trash! Hear Kyle and Vince (the anti-Avatar team) soundly defeat Casey and Dave (the pro-Avatar team) in the chambers of the Council of Great Relevance, and expose Avatar for the cancer that is killing science fiction!

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Dave’s On SciFi Surplus!

February 9th, 2010 by Kyle

If you can’t get enough of our podcast’s very own Dave (and really… who can?), you’ll be glad to hear that he joined Vince and Casey on the SciFi Surplus Podcast this week for an extended segment on Star Trek Online. The segment is nearly 30 minutes long, and goes very deep into detail on all the good news and bad news about the game. If you’re the least bit curious about Star Trek Online, or any level of fan of Star Trek, you definitely want to head on over to and listen to this week’s podcast, which is Episode #118 of the SciFi Surplus.

And hey, if you like SFS, go ahead and subscribe to their podcast! We do!

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