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August 31st, 2010 by Dave

So, I just read this article about the major story arc this fall in Fantastic Four where *gasp!* someone gonna DIEEE!!!!111!!!!!11!!!1

Seemed like a good time to pull this gif out…

Seriously, Marvel. WTH? I thought Heroic Age was all about getting back to basics and leaving these stunts behind. How many times have we seen this before in Marvel? We’ve seen it before in the Fantastic Four before for crying out loud. You’re going to inflate sales artificially with a big event story, when when the sales drop back down again, you’re going to bring back the dead character, probably by reality breaking using Franklin or Valarie, to create another artificial rise in sales. It’s more than just a continuing cycle that you’re locked in where you have to create bigger and more shocking stories, it’s flat out lazy writing.

This is why I don’t shell out money for mainstream comics anymore. It seems these death stories are all they do anymore, and It’s anti-climatic. Can someone please tell me one good reason why I should get emotionally invested in the heroic death of a beloved character to save his/her team/planet/universe when the character is going to be brought back to life a few months to a year later? We’ve taken this journey so many times with both Marvel and DC that we know the route by heart. So, while Marvel wears some more wheel-ruts into the road, I’m going to go over hear and look at this unexplored path. Because that’s how you make the memorable experiences: by going down new roads and new paths.

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