Our Best WonderCon Pics

April 3rd, 2010 by Kyle

Here’s what we saw at WonderCon:

Not even at the con yet, and we found the Empire invading the local ADIDAS store (all part of a promotion involving the new Star Wars themed line of ADIDAS shoes).

IRL mom and daughter cosplay Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa! Kawaii!

Being a terror-inducing space monster can really work up an appetite!

The Anti-Twilight League speaks truth to power.

Dave gets smacked in the nuts by the screen of the podcasting laptop during our interview with Phil Foglio. And there was much laughter all around.

Jaimel and Ledon prepare to hate WonderCon!

Did we mention NPC Comics’s new line of t-shirts and other apparel? Here’s a preview. Stand by for more announcements on our Natural 20 clothing line in upcoming episodes of the podcast!

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