Wave Goodbye

August 4th, 2010 by Kyle

So today Google pulled the plug on Google Wave, the one product it had named after something from Firefly.

For the record, it was overhyped, but never adequately explained to the public, and a botched release left a confused general public to figure it out for themselves. This was not good, because it was both powerful and complex. As a result, it was pushed to entirely the wrong audience, which was never able to adequately “get” it. Of course, it did eventually catch on with a loyal niche. But the suits, impatient with the fact that it hadn’t immediately lived up to the massive hype they’d generated for it, killed it without any regard for letting it grow and connect with people, ultimately leaving millions of loyal fans in the lurch.

So yeah, I guess naming it after Firefly tech really was appropriate!

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