Episode 40 Show Notes

April 23rd, 2010 by Kyle

Episode 40: It Just Won’t Die!


  • Problem with the 200th Twitter follower promotion
  • RIP Dixie Carter
Geek News

  • From the Hollywood Desk:
  1. Whedon to direct Avengers
  • From the Wrestling Desk:
  1. SyFy picks up WWE Smackdown
  2. Jim Ross, Paul Heyman coming to TNA?
  • From the Television Desk:
  1. Samsung warns pregnant women, the elderly, drinkers to avoid 3D TV
  2. Daily Show, Robot Chicken writers to do Star Wars animated comedy
  • From the Anime Desk:
  1. Evangelion to sponsor Super GT300 racing team
  • From the Cellar:
  1. South Park creators planning Broadway musical
  2. Computer virus makers hold your fetishes for ransom


  • Natural 20 Clothing
  • Fog City Wrestling


Stuff You Should Know About:

New Release Tuesday:

Ten-Minute Review:

Saturday Morning Rewind:

Pick Of The Week:

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Episode #40: “…It Just Won’t Die!”

April 20th, 2010 by Kyle


Dave and Kyle are back, with new news, reviews, geek stuff you can use! Kyle takes on Roger Ebert’s views on video games, and Dave covers Kick-Ass!

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