APE Photo Extravaganza, Day Two

October 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s what we saw on day two of APE 2011 in beautiful San Francisco:

They started lining up early for the second day of APE!

Above: One of the areas for panels. Below: Some of the exhibition space.

The action in the galleries.

And the con floor.

You can find comics about anything at APE.

And I do mean anything.

A not-so-encouraging message from the show floor.

This was a bit more cheerful.

A sentiment we certainly can all agree with!

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s all great, but how was the babeage at APE?” Well, let’s look at that:

Mrs. Lower Mainland herself, illustrator Tara Nakano!

Browncoat girls are always winsome.

Ladylike... and mysterious!

Sweetly gothloli!

A harlequin shows off her style.

An exciting con like this will tucker you out! A couple of attendees take a rest between rounds on the floor.

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APE Photo Extravaganza, Day One

October 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s what we saw on our first day of the Alternative Press Expo 2011, at the San Francisco Concourse:

The grand entrance to the San Francisco Concourse

The main hall at APE

More of the main hall.

The NPC Comics table at APE 2011

A long view of the NPC Comics table, and the floor at APE

APE is such a friendly place that you can even add your own art to it!

Sage advice found at one of the tables.

Hmm... perhaps you should consider joining a different denomination

Mom? What have you been doing?!

Not quite Churchillian, but I still appreciate the thought.

Fail Win!

When I said I wanted to find some Chicks at APE, that's not exactly what I meant

Va va voom! Now that's more like it!

And another one - a cute girl in a cute dress patrolling the con floor

Very noticeable - there were a lot of iPads being used as digital artwork displays on the con floor. I spotted at least a couple dozen of them in use this year, whereas last year, I counted exactly one.

Also noticeable - a table offering free cupcakes! That's definitely the right way to attract an audience!

One of the more colorful tables at APE this year!

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Geek Tragedy Liveblogs WonderCon!

April 2nd, 2010 by Kyle

Kyle here – live from WonderCon 2010 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

So far, it’s been an exciting con. Interviews with the Pinis, Phil Foglio, and Randy Millholland in the can. Dave is off to a special Tron event, and we’ll get a full report from him on the show.

I got to shake hands with Peter Mayhew. mmRrrearrgh!!

More updates soon.

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