Geek Tragedy #79: Trans-Atlantic (Or Pacific) Geekery!

March 28th, 2011 by Kyle


Dave is joined by friend of the show, Lee, all the way from the UK Australia! Together, they review the week’s geek news from both sides of the pond!

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Episode 60 Show Notes

October 27th, 2010 by Kyle

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Episode 60: Aussie Abuse!


  • Our APE Memories
  • RIP Tom Bosley
  • Happy Birthdays Grant Imahara, Sam Raimi, and Weird Al

Geek News:

  • From the Hollywood Desk:
  1. Live action Family Circus movie in the works
  2. James Cameron to create Cleopatra 3D?
  3. Mark Wahlberg offered lead in The Crow remake
  4. Hobbit casting announced
  • From the Television Desk:
  1. 3D TVs not flying off shelves
  • From The Wrestling Desk
  1. Judge rules that CT voters must cover up WWE merch near polling places
  • From the Comics Desk:
  1. Q3 comic sales “in the crapper”
  • From the Anime Desk:
  1. Maria+Holic second season announced
  • From the Cellar:
  1. Sony discontinues cassette Walkman
  2. Meg Whitman Tweets crossdressing K-On guitarist
  3. Calacanis, Arrington, Zuckerberg join Facebook NAMBLA group

Five Minute Reviews:

New Release Tuesday:

Saturday Morning Rewind:

Pick Of The Week:

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Kyle’s On Two Schooners!

March 6th, 2010 by Kyle

Geek Tragedy’s very own cohost Kyle just made a guest appearance on the Two Schooners Podcast! Originating from the wilds of the Australian outback, Two Schooners is hosted by professional Captain Picard imitator James Williams and five-time Australian National Kangaroo Wrestling champion Dave Gray. They run a funny and very random podcast on all things “bonzer”.

If you haven’t listened to them before, this is a good excuse for starting! Kyle will be appearing on Episode 35, set for release on March 6th! Check it out at this link!

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