Kyle’s On Two Schooners!

March 6th, 2010 by Kyle

Geek Tragedy’s very own cohost Kyle just made a guest appearance on the Two Schooners Podcast! Originating from the wilds of the Australian outback, Two Schooners is hosted by professional Captain Picard imitator James Williams and five-time Australian National Kangaroo Wrestling champion Dave Gray. They run a funny and very random podcast on all things “bonzer”.

If you haven’t listened to them before, this is a good excuse for starting! Kyle will be appearing on Episode 35, set for release on March 6th! Check it out at this link!

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Hail The_Rooster!

February 6th, 2010 by Kyle

Let it never be said that Dave Gray of Podcasters Emporium, the Two Schooners Podcast, and the Aussie Geek Podcast is not a man willing to share the love with his fellow podcasters. We’ve been looking for a solution to record interviews over Skype, and not only did Dave point us in the right direction, but he actually spent his own money to buy us a copy (yes, an actually legally-bought copy) of Ecamm Skype Call Recorder as a gift, just to share the love and help us create a better podcast.

So we’ll proclaim it: Dave is a true mensch, a friend to podcasters everywhere, and an all-around great guy. And if you’re not listening to his podcasts already, you should be.

Pints are on us next time you’re in NorCal, mate!

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