APE Photo Extravaganza, Day Two

October 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s what we saw on day two of APE 2011 in beautiful San Francisco:

They started lining up early for the second day of APE!

Above: One of the areas for panels. Below: Some of the exhibition space.

The action in the galleries.

And the con floor.

You can find comics about anything at APE.

And I do mean anything.

A not-so-encouraging message from the show floor.

This was a bit more cheerful.

A sentiment we certainly can all agree with!

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s all great, but how was the babeage at APE?” Well, let’s look at that:

Mrs. Lower Mainland herself, illustrator Tara Nakano!

Browncoat girls are always winsome.

Ladylike... and mysterious!

Sweetly gothloli!

A harlequin shows off her style.

An exciting con like this will tucker you out! A couple of attendees take a rest between rounds on the floor.

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APE Photo Extravaganza, Day One

October 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s what we saw on our first day of the Alternative Press Expo 2011, at the San Francisco Concourse:

The grand entrance to the San Francisco Concourse

The main hall at APE

More of the main hall.

The NPC Comics table at APE 2011

A long view of the NPC Comics table, and the floor at APE

APE is such a friendly place that you can even add your own art to it!

Sage advice found at one of the tables.

Hmm... perhaps you should consider joining a different denomination

Mom? What have you been doing?!

Not quite Churchillian, but I still appreciate the thought.

Fail Win!

When I said I wanted to find some Chicks at APE, that's not exactly what I meant

Va va voom! Now that's more like it!

And another one - a cute girl in a cute dress patrolling the con floor

Very noticeable - there were a lot of iPads being used as digital artwork displays on the con floor. I spotted at least a couple dozen of them in use this year, whereas last year, I counted exactly one.

Also noticeable - a table offering free cupcakes! That's definitely the right way to attract an audience!

One of the more colorful tables at APE this year!

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