Episode 73 Show Notes

February 15th, 2011 by Kyle

Episode 73: Hot Doggin’ It

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  • Lee & Dan think Cannonball Run is worse than Battlefield Earth?
  • RIP John Barry
  • Happy Birthday Jules Verne
  • Happy Birthday John Williams

Geek News:

  • From the Hollywood Desk:
  1. Henry Cavill is Superman
  2. Kristen Stewart out as Lois Lane, in as Snow White
  3. John Woo’s The Killer to get 3D remake
  4. Star Wars toys make half a billion dollars in 2010
  5. James Cameron wants to film Avatar 2 at 60fps
  6. James Nguyen suggests heavy drinking to accompany Birdemic
  7. James Franco to make Threes Company movie
  • From the Television Desk:
  1. Dallas reboot coming
  2. Toby Whitehouse begins Being Human spinoff web series “Becoming Human”
  3. Wonder Woman TV pilot script revealed
  • From the Cellar:
  1. Comic-Con ticketing system crashes; 4-day w/Preview Night passes sell out in hours
  2. ANC declares “nyotaimori” to be “defamatory, insensitive, and anti-revolutionary
  3. Texas Bubble Boy attends high school by avatar robot
  4. William Gibson offers autograph for toner cartridge

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