OMG! What’s…What’s Going On??!!!???

August 4th, 2010 by Dave

Can it…could it be….YeS! Yes, Dave has actually gotten some semblance of an act together and has posted ……SHOW NOTES!!!!111!!

So yeah, here’s the show notes for Tuesday’s show. Thanks again to Cat for being a great co-host.

Happy wedding day for Lisa Simpson, August 1, 2010

Congratulations to Butch Patrick, plans marries a long time Munster’s fan that happens to be an ex-NFL cheerleader

Hollywood stuff

Guillermo del Toro to direct Lovecraft’s ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ in 3D

Yogi Bear trailer sets new low

Thing in FF reboot to be all CGI

Disney sells Miramax

Roger Ebert finally reviews Troll 2, no word on Birdemic

Len Wiseman to remake Total Recall

Leonardo DiCaprio pulls out of Mel Gibson’s viking film

Ghost Rider 2 confirmed

Elvira coming back to TV this fall

General geek stuff

Anne Rice quits Christianity, again

Judge confirms Todd McFarlane is a jerk and a hack, has to pay Neil Gaiman for stolen character ideas

Dieselpunk movement rising, to be lead by high priest Tom Brokaw

Computer stuff

Facebook hacked, 100 million user’s personal info roaming free on the net

Library of Congress rules jailbreaking iPhones is kosher, scales back DMCA some

Need to teach your daughter not to have sex? Here’s a $34,000 video game ‘social simulator’ for you

StarCraft 2 fails, but not as we predicted

Comic-Con Stuff

Ryan Reynolds scores major geek cred at Comic-Con

Avengers, Assembled!

Edgar Wright says Ant-Man won’t fit in with Avenger’s timeline

Trailer Park:


Sucker Punch

Let Me In

The Goon teaser trailer

Pirates 4 teaser


Mega-Mind extended trailer

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