A Joyous Occasion At NPC Comics

July 4th, 2010 by Kyle

Yes, the day finally came – NPC Comics Editor-In-Chief Jaimel Hemphill and the lovely Miss Emily finally tied the knot this weekend. Here are a few pics from the joyous occasion:

The church – overlooking the golden hills of California.

Unfortunately, this part of the ceremony did not go as one might have thought…

Miss Emily, Jaimel, and the Reverend.

And the whole Hemphill clan.

The big table of wedding presents! A nice pile of schwag!

The reception. Open air, open bar – who could ask for anything better?

The West Coast Bias crew. From left to right: Kevin, Abdul (standing), and Steve.

Geek Tragedy’s very own Dave talking with the West Coast Bias crew.

Congratulations go to the bride and groom from the whole NPC Comics family. And, dear listeners, as you might expect, the podcasts will be taking a couple of weeks off while the honeymoon ensues.

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