We Make The Birdemic Pilgrimage

June 25th, 2010 by Kyle

Hey all!

So this week, we went to Half Moon Bay, for a pilgrimage to many of the sites made famous by the cult hit Birdemic. So join us, won’t you?

Here’s where we start our tour – finding a parking spot! Here’s where Rod parked the “plug in hybrid” Mustang:

And here’s where we parked the Geekmobile! Same spot!

Rod stopped for lunch at the Main Street Grill:

And so did we!

Rod had a seat at the fateful spot where he first saw Natalie:

And we sat ourselves down in the infamous “Rod” seat, too!

Rod left by the front door after lunch:

And we did the same!

Rod chased down Natalie – “Cherchez la femme!”:

And we stood in that same magical spot:

Could you say we felt the magic of being there – right at that very spot where movie romance blossomed? Where a legend was born? Why yes, yes you could.

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  1. MerryWanna says:

    Where did you get attacked by gif89 eagles?

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