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May 26th, 2010 by Dave

Hey there,

We’ve been having some issues the past couple weeks; looks like Sci-Fi Surplus isn’t the only one having technical difficulties. But we’re still going and still recording episodes to be released. So, don’t let our recent lull in audio downloads give you hope that we’ve given up. Or something along those lines that’s not quite as self-depricating.

Anyways, here’s an update on what we’re currently working on and what we’re dealing with.

1) NPC Comics Editor-In-Chief and podcast recording engineer extrodinare Jamiel ‘Killer J’ Hemphill is getting ready to take the final plunge and doom himself with wedded ‘bliss’ to the lovely Miss Emily. So, while he deals with the 1001+ tasks that need to be done for the wedding, Kyle and I are going to be editing our podcasts for the time being.

2) We’ve been having issues with our recording software, Audacity having eaten interviews at WonderCon and a couple of podcasts we and our sport-minded brothers at West Coast Bias have done in the past couple months. So, we’re looking for a replacement while we struggle on with Audacity.

3) At the top of our editing list is our big review of the new Undisputed Worst Movie Of All Time, ‘Birdemic’. Kyle forced this upon yours truly as well as our friends Fancy Fembot of Sci-Fi Party, Browcoat Lisa, and Smartbunny. Suspiciously, Kyle developed a ‘sore throat’ the day we were to record and couldn’t speak. His miraculous recovery the next day has been recorded for future consideration as one of the three required miracles for Sainthood in the Catholic Church. However, we’re working on editing the review and releasing it along with a ‘lost episode’ or two of Geek Tragedy once we get those edited as well.

4) When I say, ‘we are editing’, I really mean me, since Kyle is neck-deep in his graduate coursework for the spring quarter.

5) Finally, I’m going to be making my own lady love Pixie Gina rather happy by actually assembling the metric ton of miniatures I have in my collection and building up armies for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, hopefully giving us more storage space in the garage before the madness overtakes me again and I put in a huge order to Forge World. The Tau Manta still tempts me in my dreams… *droooool*

Anyways, I’m currently speed assmebling a mass of Chaos Space Marines to get them ready for an Appocalypse game at my local GW store on Saturday. They’ll pretty much be just black primer, but at least it’s a start in converting lots of bulky boxes into small, fragile, bits of plastic and metal with sharp points. If I get permission from the store manager, I’ll take pics and post them here.

So, hang in there True Believers (please don’t sue us, Stan), we’ve got more on the way as we continue our quest to defend true geekdom from the forces of Hollywood corruption.

McG and Michael Bey, I’m looking at both of you…

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