Episode 42 Show Notes

May 4th, 2010 by Kyle

Episode 42: Double Down!


  • It’s our Double Down Episode
  • We Double Down on Movie reviews
  • Dave survives the Double Down from KFC
  • Our Double Podcast Review of Avatar experiences difficulties

Geek News:

  • From the Hollywood Desk:
  1. Third Nolan Batman movie confirmed
  2. Akiva Goldman to write Dark Tower movies
  3. Remake of Schwarzenegger’s Commando planned
  • From the Gaming Desk:
  1. Cub Scouts to offer video gaming badge
  • From the Comics Desk:
  1. Zuda abandons competition
  2. Free Comic Book Day
  • From the Anime Desk:
  1. New in Japanese bookstores: The “Moé Moé Nazi Book”
  • From the Cellar:
  1. James Cameron wants to send 3D camera to Mars
  2. Recording industry expresses its love for child porn
  3. Microsoft Courier canceled


New Release Tuesday:

Double Movie Review

  • The Losers
  • Nightmare On Elm Street

Pick Of The Week:

Saturday Morning Rewind:

Special Post-Credits Outtake!

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