Episode 41 Show Notes

April 28th, 2010 by Kyle

Episode 41: Thank You, Mr. Macek


  • Awarding of 200th Twitter follower promotion prize
  • We did an Avatar debate with SciFi Surplus!
  • RIP Carl Macek
Geek News

  • From the Hollywood Desk:
  1. Nimoy retires
  2. Shatner sings Total Eclipse of the Heart
  3. Avatar 2 to be set underwater
  • From the Gaming Desk:
  1. Only 8.8% of Japanese consumers want Nintendo 3DS
  • From the Comics Desk:
  1. Archie comics introduces first gay character
  • From the Television Desk:
  1. Fox abandons US Torchwood
  • From the Anime Desk:
  1. Otaku get in fist fight over Yui Hirasawa figure
  • From the Cellar:
  1. Kal Penn robbed at gunpoint in DC
  2. Canadians want to draft Shatner for Governor-General



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