Episode 33 Show Notes

February 16th, 2010 by Kyle

Episode 33: Kyle’s New Girlfriend


  • Introducing Jen!
  • Shoutout to Dave Gray of Aussie Geek Podcast
  • Reminder about Dave on SFS
  • Dave watched Metropolis screening

Geek News

  • From The Comics Desk
  1. Mark Millar to direct unnamed superhero movie
  2. Stan Lee and Edgar Wright talk Ant Man movie
  3. Barbara Marcus of Scholastic may be new DC Publisher
  • From The Hollywood Desk
  1. Terminator rights sold to a hedge fund called Pacificor
  2. George Lucas sues billboard company Skywalker Outdoor
  3. Palestinians paint themselves blue, stage Avatar-inspired protest
  4. Vin Diesel to come back for third Riddick movie
  • From The TV Desk
  1. Reruns of Law & Order SVU get twice Leno’s ratings at Wed. 10PM
  2. Mexican TV won’t air South Park episode offensive to Mexicans
  3. Simon Pegg says no more Spaced. “Nobody wants to see a 40 year old Tim and Daisy. They have kids and a mortgage. There was a time for Spaced. This isn’t it… Spaced was about being lost between youth and adulthood. That was the crux of the show. We got old and as such outgrew the crux”.
  • From The Anime Desk
  1. New in stores in Japan – Evangelion spandex bike shorts
  2. New in Akihabara – Bunny Girl Cafes
  • From The Cellar
  1. RIP Veoh
  2. Ron Jeremy says porn is immoral – if you pirate it
  3. Polish newspaper thinks “Pedobear” is the 2010 Olympic mascot
  4. American Pie copycat burns his weener
  5. Robert Llewellyn reveals address, cell phone company username on Twitter
  6. Green Ranger vs. Muscles From Brussels

New Release Tuesday

Spinner Rack Wednesday.

Pick of the Week

Comics Arrest Warrants

  • We follow in the footsteps of Henry Fielding by issuing arrest warrants for infractions against comics

Stuff You Should Know About:

Remake Corner

Madness In Three Dimensions

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