Episode 25 Show Notes

December 16th, 2009 by Kyle


Episode 25: Nepotism? What’s That?


Geek News:

Some thoughts on Avatar

  • Why Avatar can’t just be a hit
  • What Avatar could mean for Blu-ray

Stuff You Should Know About

Game Review

Game Rant

  • Dave has a question about what a “premium” subscription really gets you

Comics Corner

Time Magazine names Best Comics of the Decade

  • 1. The Ultimates
  • 2. 100 Bullets
  • 3. Planetary
  • 4. All Star Superman
  • 5. The Walking Dead
  • 6. The Authority
  • 7. Mouseguard
  • 8. Blankets
  • 9. Invincible
  • 10. Y The Last Man
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2 Responses to “Episode 25 Show Notes”

  1. stePH says:

    “Seven Samurai in Space”? Didn’t we already see “Battle Beyond the Stars”?

    And I was given to understand that Cameron’s next project was adapting the BATTLE ANGEL manga.

  2. stePH says:

    wups, here’s the link I was looking for:

    eMpTV broke the link I posted to another board a couple of weeks ago. Stupid eMpTV.

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