Episode 7 Links & Notes

July 29th, 2009 by Kyle

And, contrary to popular opinion (or, at least, David’s opinion), we’re still at gtpodnotes.blogspot.com

So here’s what got talked about this episode, with links to the related stories:

Uncle Floyd

Tr2n Coming Soon

Marvel And Madhouse Team Up To Produce Wolverine And Iron Man Animes

Boondocks: Only Partially Anime

Fallout From EA’s Tasteless Dante’s Inferno Game Promotion

Family Guy News

Seth Green To Produce Voltron Parody “Titan Maximum”

Which Is An Idea I Liked The First Time I Saw It

Batman, Having Begun, Continues

Geoff Johns May Take On Flash Movie

Jake Lloyd Ten Years Later

Possible Roger Rabbit Sequel Coming

Attention Diddy: You’re Not James Bond

Marvelman Comes To Marvel, Man

Mass Effect Movie In The Works

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