Update On The Show

October 28th, 2009 by Kyle

After some discussion amongst ourselves about what to do in the aftermath of Mike’s unexpected passing, we at the podcast have decided to record a show this week that will contain our goodbyes, followed by the remainder of the still-unaired interviews we recorded at the Alternative Press Expo two weeks ago, most of which included Mike.

This will end up being Episode #21, which we’ll post next Tuesday, as normal.

After that, we’re going to take a week or two away from the show. We are all absolutely certain that Mike would want the show to go on, and indeed it will, but we’re sure you’ll all understand that we need some time before we return to it.

Thank you for all the kind comments. They do help.

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  1. CCorsair says:

    Yes please do post that last interview Mike did he was very happy in a post he made and like to this list show he did .



  2. […] of the Geek Tragedy Podcast, passed away Oct. 27 from an apparent stroke. He was 41. According to this blog entry, his co-hosts plan on Tuesday to post a new episode that will contain their farewells and Nebeker's […]

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