Mike Nebeker: 1967-2009

October 27th, 2009 by Kyle


It is with deep sadness that the Geek Tragedy Podcast must inform our listeners of the passing of our co-host and friend, Mike Nebeker. Mike passed away this afternoon (October 27th) of what appears at present to have been a stroke. He was 41 years old.

If any of you out there can, please spare a thought or a prayer for Mike and his family.

We’re still very much in shock over Mike’s passing, and hope that you show a bit of patience with us in the days ahead as we come to terms with this sorrowful event.

Being a part of the podcast was something that brought Mike a lot of joy, and we’re sure he would want each and every one of the people who took the time to listen to understand that. All of us at NPC Comics and the Geek Tragedy Podcast want to express that, and to thank you.

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23 Responses to “Mike Nebeker: 1967-2009”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Really sorry to hear. Thoughts & prayers both. Wish I had words as well, but there aren’t any that seem right.

  2. Sam says:

    Mike, you were a great friend. We will miss you. Our prayers will be with your family.

  3. Shane says:

    I have known and been friends with Mike since we were both about four years old. Though we hadn’t kept in touch very often in recent years, I am shocked and devastated to hear about this. My prayers are absolutely with his family and friends.

  4. Craig Valenta says:

    Hard to believe! How at only 41?

  5. Adam McKee says:

    I just heard about this from a mutual friend, and am saddened and shocked. I knew mike from high school, and we hung around in the same circles quite a bit. He was a year behind me, but I remember him as a really good kid. It’s a sad day indeed. He was much too young. My condolenses to you, his current friends.

  6. diane says:

    I met Mike for the first time at APE, two weeks ago. He was a good bloke. I am so sorry to hear this – I was looking forward to getting to know him and the other pod guys. Love and well wishes to his family.

  7. […] brother-in-law, their favorite Uncle Mike, died suddenly yesterday afternoon.  Maybe it was a stroke.  We’ll know in a few days.  He […]

  8. I just learned of this from Jaimel’s Facebook post. I went to high school with Mike and stayed friends for long after, but we lost touch a few years back. I’m shocked and I regret that I just learned that our lives unknowingly overlapped and missed out on rekindling our friendship. This is sad news and my thoughts go out to his family.

  9. Steve Perrin says:

    I first met Mike as a young gamer who found his way into my games in the basement of my Oakland home. He helped me playtest games, ran interesting characters in a lot of my campaigns, and eventually became a central figure in the DunDraCon game convention that I help run.
    He had a great sense of humor and a keen perception, and an appreciation for the same classic comics (both 4-color and stand-up) that I love.
    I think something I looked forward to most about coming to DunDraCon every year was our traditional after-the-con dinner. We’re all going to miss him terribly.

  10. Morgan says:

    I’ve known Mike since I was 17. We used to play D&D together in high school with our other friends.

    He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve known; I’m glad I got in touch with him through facebook, I hadn’t seen him in over ten years.


  11. CCorsair says:

    I can’t say how long i know Mike but its seem like forever and to hear this news from our friend that work him on the Dundracon gaming convention we are all in deep shock at Mike’s passing.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and love ones tonight and always. He will be greatly missed for he was a one of a kind person you meet and just never forget .


  12. Rob Miles says:

    I’ve known Mike through working with him at DundraCon and we go back a long, long way. While we didn’t always get to hang out or chat between shows, Mike was always (and is always) part of my DundraCon Family. His passing is truly shocking and the reverberations are being felt throughout the entire gaming community. My heart goes out to his family as this has come much too soon for such a big-hearted, loving, and talented guy.

  13. Lisa says:

    I only knew Mike for a few years, after I met David, but I enjoyed his sense of humor, his love of life, and his enthusiasm for bootleg anime and movie critiques. He was gentle and kind; a truly loyal friend. Rest in Peace, Mike.

  14. Mhari Lindhaven says:

    I first met Mike when we were both working as testers at Spectrum Holobyte. He could always make us laugh. I remember the absolutely insane competitions during Stunt Driver testing, with the accompanyng “I didn’t know you could DO that!” response, and the late afternoon challenge of who could run over the most pedestrians without going out of our lane. Mike, you will be missed!

  15. Robert Lacher says:

    Knew Mike threw gaming at Hillary’s and Dundercon for over fifteen years now. Wonderful sense of humor really good guy all around. Him going like this,.. just is jaw dropping. I will miss him.

  16. Karl says:

    I met Mike at a Gamestore in Oakland where I was gamemastering demos back in my early 20’s. That evolved into a friendship, inviting him to games at my friend Steve’s (at least that’s how I remember it… the order and timing of that may be mixed up… my memory is not what it once was), and through Steve we both got jobs at Spectrum HoloByte. He went away on mission about the time our lives as friends started to diverge again. We reconnected yearly at DunDraCon, where I had once been on the staff of, and now he was.
    The things I remember most about him is how he was always a bright spot in the world. Almost always cheerful and upbeat. He always seemed to see the brighter side of things.
    I find the world just a little dimmer with a Mike-shaped missing piece. I wish I had learned of this podcast sooner… I plan to listen to them now to regain some parts of Mike’s world I missed out on.

  17. Matt Timson says:

    Very sad news indeed- much too young. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

  18. Sean says:

    I met Mike in 1995 while working on the Oakland Temple Pageant. We worked backstage together for many years and he was always a good teacher and a reliable volunteer. However, the moments I most remember of him were not the times he worked in black but at the times he would sing to us about our Savior’s love or other songs that would lighten our loads and help the work go easier. Mike was a tough worker and he will be greatly missed.

  19. Matthew says:

    Dear lord. As we gather close from the recent loss of a dear friend please be with Mike’s family and guide them to your love and please be with his friends as well. Let us rejoice in the time we have spent with Mike and the fun we have had. Please carry us though our days now as we remember Mike. We pray this in your hevenly name, Amen. The lord givith and the lord taketh away but still we will say Blessed be his name.

  20. Tiffany says:

    My heart goes out to his family and friends. He was too young to go! This news make me very sad.

  21. Jeremy Forbing says:

    I had the chance to work with Mike on stage, and he seemed so plugged into theatre that I had no idea he had touched so many lives in other areas. But now that he’s passed, I see that his love for the theatre– a love which seemed so full to many of us that I imagined it had to consume all of his imaginative energies– was just a fraction of the enthusiaism he was able to apply to so many other creative endeavors as well. In our lives, we should all be so lucky and so loving as to pour that much of ourselves into so many worlds and touch so many lives. Goodbye, Mike. And God bless you.

  22. David Koppel says:

    Mike’s sudden death comes as a complete shock to me. We met at the Altarena Playhouse where I enjoyed watching and working with him on stage.

    Mike was passionate about theatre and the arts. He was a perfectionist and a gifted comic actor whose timing was impeccable. I approached Mike about starting an independent theatre company.

    If it weren’t for his creativity, enthusiasm, friendship and support, Arclight Rep Theatre wouldn’t exist today. He not only came up with the name for our theatre but his ideas and professional committment were essential in laying the foundation for the artistic mission and creative focus for the organization.

    He played a vital role both onstage and off in Arclight’s first mainstage production of AS YOU LIKE IT at the Altarena Playhouse in 2006. His mischievious Touchstone and delicious, home baked macaroons were a highlight for audiences, cast and crew alike.

    Although Arclight and Mike went our separate ways, I always made a point of inviting him to auditions and performances as our guest. I regret that I never had the opportunity to work with him again after 2006.

    His creativity, passion, fun-loving sense of humor, easy going nature and friendship will be dearly missed. I feel blessed to have been a small part of his life and will be forever touched by his gentle and kind spirit.

    Arclight’s artistic work and success serves as one of Mike’s lasting legacies. We will continue to honor his memory by providing the highest quality theatre and arts education programs in the Bay Area.

    Goodnight, sweet prince and God bless you.

  23. Peter says:

    I just saw the post on the DunDraCon website. I am sad to read of Mike’s passing. I knew Mike from DDC and as a mutual friend of Spectrum employees. We would talk only at the con but would make a point of catching up each year. I would greet him with Pippin, a nickname which I always felt exemplified his best qualities. He told that not many people called him that anymore but he did not mind my using it. I knew Mike as a lover of games, gaming, and people. The thing that strikes me today was his unwavering dedication and commitment to help his mother, father and grandmother. So many of us are “unavailable” for family members in need… but not Mike. I pray that he may be with God and those that he loved that have gone before him. — Mike, I will still “see you” at DunDraCon this February. Your friend, Peter

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