July 27th, 2009 by Kyle

Kyle again;

Few things in my world of fandom really make me rage. But .MKV is one of them.

How many more anime viewing experiences do I have to have ruined by this buggy, unstable, resource-hogging crapware of a video container?

Several series, including Ghost In The Shell: 2nd Gig and Detroit Metal City come to mind as already having been ruined by this not-ready-for-prime-time garbage format. Especially DMC, which is a slapstick comedy where comic timing is everything. It kind of ruins it when the video incessantly stutters and freezes. And no, I don’t have an old POS of a computer. This container just sucks. There’s no excuse for anyone to put out videos in this format.

And I’ve heard every excuse there is in favor of this toilet bowl of a video container. Such as:

It has chapters!

I really don’t need chapters in a half-hour fansub.

It does soft subs!

Hey guess what – if I didn’t want subtitles, I wouldn’t be downloading an anime fansub, would I?

It does high quality video!

So does .MP4 – and, unlike .MKV, it actually works. Besides, who’s watching fansubs for the amazing video quality, anyway? If that’s what you want, save your money up and buy the Blu-ray when it comes out.

It does high quality audio!

Better audio is good. Too bad the video that goes along with it doesn’t work.

It’s Open Source! It’s free!

Old pizza out of a garbage can is free too. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Our container doesn’t suck! Your OS/video player does!

Funny how no other video container has these same problems. Everybody else made their stuff work and play well with just about everything. There’s a word for this: compatability. There’s another word for it, too: usefulness. As in; not useless, like .MKV is.

The bottom line is: all the “advantages” .MKV might have over other containers don’t matter if .MKV just plain doesn’t work right. Which it doesn’t.

Then let’s go on to the fact that .MKV is supported by nearly no hardware video players (iPods/iPhones/Zunes/PSPs/smartphones, etc.). Or that it’s essentially impossible to burn to video DVD. Or that it’s difficult to impossible even to convert .MKVs into a format that’s actually useful, like .AVI or .MP4. Just try converting an .MKV file with those much-vaunted soft subs into an .MP4 so you can play it on your iPod. Hope you weren’t counting on those subtitles still being there in your nifty new .MP4 file.

You’d think that at least the hardware player thing would be a hint… that it’d cause people to reevaluate whether continuing to push .MKV down the throats of the fansub community was a good idea. A few years ago, watching video on a mobile device was uncommon – at least in America – but now you can hardly step on a bus, subway, train, or airplane anywhere without seeing people watching video on a handheld. So that’s the wave of the future, right? Everybody should drop .MKV and start doing fansubs in .MP4, right?

Well, yes, actually – that is right. But for some incomprehensible reason, they’re all gravitating toward the incompatible, buggy, open source junk instead. Why? Open source fetishism? A conspiracy to deny certain anime series the audience they deserve? Belief that the world has the desire (not to mention the bandwidth) to download fansubs of Oruchuban Ebichu in 720p? Some purist disdain for mobile devices, perhaps brought on by having spent hard-earned money on a Newton, some years ago? Simple buttheadedness? Just to piss me off?

Stop the insanity! Stop using .MKV!

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2 Responses to “.MKV = .SHT”

  1. Zebra says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I hate MKV with a passion, mainly because it requires conversion to burn to a Dvd or Cd. What on earth is the point of this container. I know the fanboys think they are oh so superior, but I will take .avi any day.

  2. Kyle says:

    You, sir, are a genius!

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