Delays and Congratualtions

July 31st, 2011 by Dave

Dave here with some updates,


Kyle and I have been keeping busy, watching movies, tv shows, and other such things, getting ready to bring you all more Geek Tragedy. Right now, though, we’re in a delay as we’re getting things set up for a new recording area. While we’re getting things squared away here, you can get a little dose of our geekery on the Knightwsie videocast at

The reason why we’re setting up new digs in the wake of opening up the brand spanking new NPC Broadcast Studios has to deal with the congratulations that are in order. As those of you following us on Twitter know, Editor In Chief Jaimel Hemphil and his wife Emily welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday. Ilori Sarang Hemphil was delivered happy and healty, much to the relief of her mother, who was quite convinced by that the baby wasn’t going to emerge until it was ready for college. So, in order to let Jaimel and Emily be new parents, Kyle and I are letting them have the run of the new NPC Base.


So, without further delay, here’s the first picture of the latest addition to the NPC family.

She has her father's eyes...


Welcome to the world, kid. And good luck; you’re going to need it :)


PS: We’ve secretly replaced Ilori with Voldemort, let’s see if the parents notice before she heads off to Hogwarts.

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Geek Tragedy #89: The Legendary Aenys

July 19th, 2011 by Kyle


Geek Tragedy is back in action! after an extended break Kyle and Dave are back with a full show! Review of the new Looney Toons show, an all new Pick of the Week, some Stuff You Should Know About, and even a Saturday Morning Rewind with Galaxy Rangers! It’s Geek Tragedy, now with 11 vitamins and minerals!

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Geek Tragedy #88: LotR vs. aSoIaF?!? OMFG!!

July 12th, 2011 by Kyle


Kyle and Dave face off in the ultimate battle! Who’s better: Martin or Tolkien? A Song of Ice and Fire or Lord of the Rings? It’s a batter two centuries in the making! Also, Spider-man is sued, Heyman reveals a master plan, and Kyle loves Thankskilling! Yeah, we don’t get the last one, either….

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Geek Tragedy #87: Someone Stop Ahmed Best!

July 5th, 2011 by Kyle


Another week chock full of news, ans the Geeks review all that’s fit to print in the Worlds of Comic, Games, Movies, and of course… the cellar, where people who cursed us with Jar Jar beg for more roles… At night, we can still hear the screaming…

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