Episode 18 Show Notes

October 13th, 2009 by Kyle

Episode 18: Red Lantern Kyle

A Couple Of Special Announcements:

Geek News Segment:

Remake Corner:

Science, Weird And Otherwise:

Special Promo:

Stuff You Should Know About:

  • Training With Hinako

Anime Dojo:

Our top anime picks from last season:

  • Dave: Macross Frontier
  • Mike: Bakemonogatari
  • Kyle: Michiko & Hatchin

And from the new season:

  • Mike: Darker Than Black Season II
  • Dave: Astro Fighter Sunred Season II
  • Kyle: Stitch!
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Episode 17: Stop… Warhammertime!

October 6th, 2009 by Kyle


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Episode 17 Show Notes

October 5th, 2009 by Kyle

Episode 17: Stop… Warhammertime!!

Special Announcement: The First Annual edition of the Geek Tragedy Podcast’s very own awards show, the Kaylee Awards, is coming in just three short months! Help us out by submitting ideas for categories and nominees to us at gtpodnotes@gmail.com

Geek News Segment:

Crime And Punishment:

Movie Review:


Stuff You Should Know About:

Comic Stand:

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The Season of Fear Returns….

October 2nd, 2009 by Dave

Dave here,

So, it’s October once again. Time to gear up for Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, and other joyous celebrations at the end of the month. Also time to gear up for marathons of scary movies and general horror geekery in general. Some things we’re all excited about. Like the Wolf Man remake with Benicio Del Torro, even though it won’t come out until next year. Somethings we’re less than enthused about. Like the Vampire Diaries or Twilight. In fact, if you’ve been following us at all, you know how much we loathe and despise these vapid bastard creations that take a traditional horror icon, vampires, and turn them into a bunch of whiney, emo ass clowns who wouldn’t last one week as a vampire without stepping into the sunlight or staking their own heart, much less centuries.

So, in order to bring some semblance of respectability and nobility back to these bloodsuckers, I’ll be doing a list all this month. On Fridays and Wednsday’s throughout October, I’ll post a new vampire that all geeks should know about and appreciate. The list will go in ascending order with number 2 posted on Friday the 30th and number 1 posted on Halloween. So without further adeu, I present…..

Ten Vampires That Can Totally Kick Edward Cullen’s Sparkly Ass…

#10 Vlad von Carstien

Now, I know that more than a few geeks out there are saying ‘Who?” For those who don’t know, Vlad is *the* badass vampire of the Warhammer world, as in the miniatures game. Some of the game’s purists might argue the point with me and say Vlad’s progeny Mannfred is better, to which I say ‘get your own Internet rant site, this one is mine’.

History: Vlad came to prominence when he married Isabella von Drak, only child of Count Otto von Drak and heir to the Imperial provence of Sylvania. In a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’, Count Otto proclaimed whe would sooner see his daughter married to a demon than let his brother inherit the title. No sooner did he proclaim this than Vlad showed up, with accompanying thunder and lightning. Vlad and Isabell were married that night and Vald’s gift to his new bride was clearing her way to the throne of Sylvania by tossing her uncle out of the tower window.

Now, the average Warhammer peasant is about as intelligent as the average citizen voicing his concerns on health care at a town hall meeting, so it took the residents of Sylvania about 200 years to realize that their new count wasn’t getting any older. All this time, Vlad was raising an army of the dead and killing off any Witch Hunnters that were sent by the Empire to investigate why the Count of Sylvania was still on the throne after all this time.

In the end, Vlad’s army of the dead swept through the Empire like a scythe through wheat. Along the way he kept replenishing his ranks with the dead troop of the Imperial forces he demolished as he went. All the time, generals that swore they dealt Vlad a killing blow (like chopping off his head) were demoralized to see him up and kicking the next day (or night as the case may be). Vlad made it all the way to the Empire’s capital of Altdorf and was set to take the city. Unfortunately, the Grand Theoginist of the Church of Sigmar had a holy vision where he learned the the secret to Vlad’s near invulnerability was the emerald ring he wore. The thief Felix Mann was sent on a mission and successfully stole Vlad’s ring before the battle. Vlad met his end when the Theoginist sacrificed his own life in single combat with Vlad, grabbing him and throwing them both off the city walls to be impaled on the spikes below.

Memorable Quote: Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death.

Why he makes the cut: This is a guy that raises dead enemy troops to refresh his ranks, is one of the better hand to hand combatants in the game, completely crushed one of the major powers of the Warhammer World, and also rises back from certain doom because of his magic ring. He’s a nigh-unstoppable force and a cunning political leader who fully understands the meaning of ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’. There are few characters outside a Greater Daemon of Khorne that players are more reluctant to face. He doesn’t fool around. He doesn’t toy with his opponents or his prey. He is a killing machine that goes straight for the throat to tear it out. And with his combat skills and experience, he doesn’t miss. Ever.

So, a good entry to start the list. Number 9 will be put up on Wednesday.

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Happy Birthday Tommy Wiseau

October 2nd, 2009 by Kyle

It would tear us apart to not wish a very happy birthday to Mr. Tommy Wiaeau, the man who brought the world The Room – one of the most genuinely entertaining movies of the last ten years. If you haven’t seen The Room, let me assure you that it is as entertaining as a film can get. Go see it any way you can… and bring some plastic spoons!

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Some Coffee? Domo!

October 2nd, 2009 by Kyle

We love a good cup of coffee here at the Geek Tragedy Podcast (What geek doesn’t like caffeine?), so imagine our delight in finding that 7-11 has begun a promotion featuring Domo-kun, J-culture icon and beloved weird creature mascot of Japanese TV network NHK, that will put Domo-kun on cups of coffee, and on Slurpees, all around these United States.

So have a big cup of Japanese pop culture while it lasts!

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